Paul Mouginot is a photographer and plastician. He has an engineering and business education, and has worked extensively within the fashion industry and the art world. He was born in 1990, and he now lives and works in Paris.

2016 – MEMORIES / NEXT LEVEL, Galerie Outcasts Incorporated, Paris
2013 – RENE, Paname Art, Paris
2010 – NIGHT, Galerie-Atelier des Ombres, Lyon

2015 – JERICHOR, featured at Private Choice as part of FIAC
2015 – Chez Moi, Paris

A few years ago, it seemed that everywhere I went, Paul Mouginot was there with his camera. What struck me was his gentleness and his impeccable good manners. He showed a thrist for life that seemed unquenchable. There seems a need for him to absorb everything that is around him. When we got to know each other he explained that as a child he had to spend nearly a year bedridden and I suppose since then he has been making up for the lost time.
His work is, on one hand, a document of our times and on the other a way for him to reconstruct his memories through visual writing with his camera. It is something like putting together images as if they were pieces in a puzzle.
A few years ago I was speaking with a writer and he told me that when someone writes their autobiography that it is never what actually happened but rather how they choose to remember it, I guess that it is in some degree how Paul reconstitutes his souvenirs.